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 How we do business   

Why Echo Audio Is Different – Really.

Anyone who's spent even 10 minutes reading an audio magazine or talking with an audio salesman (funny how it's rarely a woman, though) knows that high-end audio is short on perspective and long on attitude.

Just why this is so would make a nice little college thesis. But suffice it to say that Echo Audio is an attitude-free zone. We don't believe that you're just not living large unless you have a $10,000 CD player powered by some humongous amplifier that needs to be hooked up directly to Hoover Dam. Of course, we have sold such items, happily. We are in business, after all. And some of that ultra-gear can be pretty fabulous. But the truth is that a $700 system can sound as good as a 3K system if it's chosen well. That's where a good stereo shop comes in -- saving you from spending time and money on poor on-line purchases that simply don't benefit your system, or wallet.

The point is that Echo Audio is "real world". We're not going to tell you that a modest item from Onkyo is "just as good" as, say, a really fine product from Audio Research. The whole point of high-end audio is truth. Why else go to all the trouble of finding high-end equipment? But truth shouldn't just come out of your speakers. It should be coming from us, too.

So that's who we are. It's how we think. It's how we do business. We also do it by taking credit cards, of course. And by not charging sales tax because glorious Oregon doesn't have one. But, really, we do business by being honest. The audio stuff is kind of a sideline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How do you get such great equipment? Why would anyone sell you something like that?"

A. We get trade-ins, demos & discontinued inventory from a host of high-end retailers along the west coast as well as from you, our addicted audiophiles in search of that elusive perfect system. The truth is that our average client changes out portions of their stereo over 15 times a year.  

Q. "What is your warranty on the used equipment? Should I buy new or used?"

A. We thoroughly test all of our equipment and guarantee each piece that we own for 30 days. Some consignment items will not carry the same warranty but have been completely tested as well. As for items that are tubed, we do not warranty any tubes, buyer assumes tubes are worn and need replacing. All tubed items have been tested and work as they should but tubes are finicky and we simply cannot warranty them.

Q. "What is your return policy?"

A. We offer a 3-day return on all items but do charge 5% on credit/debit card returns, shipping both ways is the responsibility of the customer (if applicable). After 3-days and within 3 weeks, we will accept a piece back with a 20% restocking fee.  Shipped-to customers who notify us within 3 days of receiving the item will be refunded for any item(s), but are responsible for any/all shipping costs plus 5% Credit Card fee after we receive the item back in the same condition as we shipped it. 

Q. "Does it come with remote/ box/ manual/ etc?"

A. We will list what the item comes with in the ad on our website, if it's not listed, we don't have it.

Q.  "How do you ship items safely all over the world?"

A.  We have been packing this stuff for over 20 years and have some of the best (and most anal) shipping managers in the business.  If you can unwrap one of our packaging in less than 15 minutes then we haven't done our job right.  We will, if necessary, shrink wrap a piece to a block of wood, insulate it with foam and do everything possible to insure that no glass gets broken and that anything you buy arrives to you exactly as it appears on our shelves.  Note, Echo Audio's policy concerning shipping outside of the continental US / Non residential address: the sale would be final with no return, refund or warranty. If it gets damaged, lost, etc, Echo Audio will not be liable. Any damage incurred during shipping would have to be settled by Payee (you).   

Everything that we've read about quality audiophile tables is true and we have spent our time rediscovering all of our records! Everything from classic country, mariachi, Iron Maiden and Bob Dylan sounds new, fresh and exciting (and I really don't like Dylan). Thank you for your patience, customer service and knowledge.
- Aaron Ezell and Hannah Tracy