Echo Audio

Stereo advice

There's no all-purpose stereo advice for the simple reason that you may be trying to put together your first better-than-college system or you might be - dare I say it? - an audio geek who's reaching for that newest tweak. We've been both ourselves, so we know what it's like.

If you're looking to improve a system that you know needs help, then our advice is this: choose your speakers first, Then get the electronics. This advice (which is hardly original to us) is really just common sense. You could have the greatest electronics "downstream" but if it's coming out of the sonic equivalent of a tin can, then what good is it? So your speakers matter most, because they'll dictate just what you need "downstream". Picking a speaker that fits your aesthetic sense and style will allow us to narrow down your amplifier choices.

We can help. Tell us the size of the room. Tell us what kind of music you listen to most. And don't be embarrassed - tell us what you're looking to spend. Believe me, there are really great speakers out there that don't cost a fortune. And then let us help you. We allow you to try the speakers in your own home with a 3-day return policy, so no worries. We can help you build your system one piece at a time or all in one swoop. And besides, you can always upgrade later. (How do you think we get all this good used equipment? Everybody upgrades.)

Now, if you're a diehard audiophile, think of us as your bloodhounds. Tell us what you're interested in/looking for/excited by. Chances are, we've got something to get your jollies in high(end) gear. And again, that in-home return policy works just as well for you as for any beginner. Because we both know that just because a piece got a great review from Stereophile or wherever doesn't mean it's great for you. We both know how personal high-end audio really is - and should be. It's why we're in this business, because we take it as seriously (and pleasurably) as you do.

I came in Saturday afternoon, on a friend's recommendation, to shop for a new tuner and speakers. After looking and listening, I walked away with the Pioneer SX-727 stereo receiver, a pair of Epos E3s and the little Aperion Audio sub. I got home hooked it all up with a dvd player and a pair of Technics 1200s. From Anthony Braxton Vinyl to High on Fire Cds I'm so very pleased with my new hansom set up I can't seem to leave my house. Thank you very much for helping me choose a great system at a surprisingly fair price.
- Jesse Dodson