Store update & news that the KEF Metas have arrived -- Our store is closed for everyone's safety but we still offer outside pick-up for purchases during store hours "by appointment only" and free local shipping.  Just email or call for a private pick up time.  

Find the perfect piece

We are all searching for the holy grail, that elusive piece which will catapult our system to the next level. It could be the final unit needed to complete your collection or, maybe you are just haunted by the 'one that got away' years ago and want to find it again.

Here is your chance to let us find it for you. Fill in the fields below as accurately as possible (misspelling hurts your luck) and we'll do our very best to find it for you. If searching for several items, please remit a separate request for each item.

Kurt, since purchasing the PSE Studio IV amp, the Wireworld Oasis speaker cables and the LAT AC-2 power cord my stereo system has become high-end heaven. I have shopped just about every where on the net and have found Echo Audio to have Product Quality, Value and most of all Integrity like none other. Very rare in any buisness. I will buy from Echo Audio again, again and again!
- Anthony, Houston, Texas

What an outstanding packing job! It took me an hour to unpack the preamp. And the unit sounds great! In any event, thank you and it was great doing business with you.
- Darren Bergan, Singapore