Echo Audio

Thoughtful Whole Home Audio/Video Solutions

We all use our systems differently.   Our installation team is fully fluent in 'geek', 'high end audio speak', 'IT proficient' and, most importantly, listens to what you really need.  We can translate your audio/video dreams into reality simply and quickly.   

Choose your budget, style & system

We at Echo Audio have new and used equipment and are completely 'brand agnostic'.   We'd love to use your existing equipment and just supplement it with technology that will extend it throughout the house -- wireless systems like Sonos are affordable, extremely easy to use and controlled by your phone, tablet or laptop.   But we don't mind if you've purchased equipment elsewhere and would just like to have us make sense of it for you.   We'll customize your system, however simple or complex, to be easy to use and sound wonderful.

Expert Installation

Unlike the cable company that gives you a 8 hour window,  we respect your time and show up on time at a convenient hour.   Professional installers that really know hi-fi will be putting on booties, doing the wiring and taking the time to make sure that you know how to use the (perfectly) programmed remote.  Imagine never having to explain your AV system to the babysitter or Dad because it works so intuitively....    with the touch of a button you can dim the lights, start a movie and even set the alarm.     Let us look at your space and give you some great suggestions.

Repair & Support

Echo Audio is a small, independent shop that prides itself on customer service.  We have extremely talented technicians that can repair equipment quickly OR we'll just give you a loaner piece so that you don't miss that special event.   As an authorized retailer for over 70 new equipment brands and a portal for high end used equipment, we've proven ourselves to fit any budget while maintaining the highest quality of service you'll find anywhere.  Lastly,  we have 100% positive feedback and stand behind our work to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

Feel free to contact our lead installer, Jason Brown, directly at 971-570-2780 or email

Your professional attitude and casual sales approach was exactly what we look for, and we both were pleased with ourselves at the ease with which we were able to get what we wanted, a testament to your skill and knowledge.
- Donny Wright, Super Digital

Thanks. Many thanks. It's not just that in three years of buying, selling and trading with you I have a stunning system that under normal circumstances would have cost me three or four times what it did. It's the way it was put together. Clearly you have a passion for what you do and the knowledge to back that passion. Most importantly you use that knowledge in your customers' best interest. That's often claimed, rarely practiced. You counseled patience, and I give you complete credit for what I'm listening to now.
- Jeff Kempe, Portland, Oregon