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Echo Audio

What is Echo Chek'd?

You wouldn't think of buying a used car (for any price) without first having it checked out by a qualified mechanic. So why do we do it with high end audio equipment? Ergo, Echo Chek'd was born.

We have some of the very best technicians in the country. Honestly, you wouldn't want to sit beside one of these fellows on an airplane holding a book titled 'teach me about hi-fi' unless you are prepared for the consequences. But I would trust them with my life before buying a fairly expensive piece of audio equipment.

We've developed a comprehensive 16 point evaluation system that will guarantee any piece of audio equipment has been put 'to the test' and passes (or fails) our strict requirements. At a cost of $90 to $250, it's not a service for everyone; but if you are buying or selling a high-end piece of equipment, it is invaluable to know that you are getting exactly what you are paying for. You will receive a service analysis that details the cosmetic condition (on a 100 point scale), solder joints, usage determination, distortion levels, repair history/ modifications, parts quality, factory specs and overall performance/ longevity issues.

If you're a seller, use Echo Chek'd to gain the same legitimacy as a respected audio shop and sell your item for top dollar knowing that it comes with a 'seal of approval'. If buying, insist that the piece comes to us first so that you can eliminate the 'lemons' and insure your satisfaction. On some occasions, we will intercept international shipments, check them out first, then send them on to the (now confident) buyer.

Dear Kurt,I am writing to you after having just completed a $40,000 + plus transaction with your company. We have never met and are at opposite ends of the country and I never saw the products I was buying before you shipped them so I had to rely on your honesty and integrity. I was NOT disappointed! Your professionalism, knowledge, courtesy and efficiency is amongst the very best I have experienced. You handled ever detail of the transaction expertly, the product you shipped was perfect and first rate and your commitment to go the extra mile was displayed time after time.

In short, I could not have asked for a better transaction and the whole time I felt as if an "old friend" was looking out for me at every step. I am happy to recommend you and your company, Echo Audio, to anyone that is seeking the very best in quality, service and integrity.
- Christopher Moon, President