Echo is open to the public from 12-5pm Thurs-Sat. We are also in the shop Tuesday/ Wednesday for appointments and pick up/ drop off.  

Echo Audio

We are currently not accepting repairs but plan to be rolling again soon and here is how we operate:   

Stereo repair costs:   

We have some great technicians who are not afraid to tackle ultra high end equipment or the simplest of receivers.  Our bench rate is $95 per hour and that is also our minimum charge.  We will ask you for that $95 deposit at the time of drop-off which will obviously go toward the repair.  We may ask you for your authorization to simply "fix it" if the repair is under $200 without contacting you,  but trust that we will not simply charge that amount,  it just saves us the time of calling you with an exact estimate.  Our integrity and reputation are paramount.  

30-day warranty:  

We offer a 30-day warranty on everything that we've repaired.   That is, we will fix it for free if it fails for any reason;  and if it does, we will make it a priority repair and place it in the front of the line to be looked at immediately.   We feel that 30-days/ one month is sufficient time to be sure that we've done our job successfully.   When your patient is in our hospital,  Brett Bodayla, our service manager, will reach out to you with an estimate first (if over $200) and then email you after it's been completed.   We do our best to write down what's been done during the repair process and Brett will update you and the patient's chart so that we have record of everything in case further work is necessary. 

Unfortunately there are several items or brands that we do not repair.  They are:  home theater receivers, speakers, subs, headphones, reel to reels, consoles/ all-in-one compacts, older turntables, wireless streamers,  Linn,  B&O,  Devialet & some exotics wherein the manufacturer makes certain parts unavailable. 


Dear Kurt,I am writing to you after having just completed a $40,000 + plus transaction with your company. We have never met and are at opposite ends of the country and I never saw the products I was buying before you shipped them so I had to rely on your honesty and integrity. I was NOT disappointed! Your professionalism, knowledge, courtesy and efficiency is amongst the very best I have experienced. You handled ever detail of the transaction expertly, the product you shipped was perfect and first rate and your commitment to go the extra mile was displayed time after time.

In short, I could not have asked for a better transaction and the whole time I felt as if an "old friend" was looking out for me at every step. I am happy to recommend you and your company, Echo Audio, to anyone that is seeking the very best in quality, service and integrity.
- Christopher Moon, President