Echo Audio

Your source for the finest home audio.

Echo Audio is, in the immortal words of Smokey Robinson, "really, really real." This is no small thing in the smoke-and-mirrors world of the Internet. For over 15 years, Echo Audio has been a real home stereo shop in downtown Portland, Oregon (where there's no sales tax, by the way). It's a hi-fi lovers dreamland, with towering wooden racks filled with an eclectic mix of new and used equipment. And it's owned by an actual person, Kurt Doslu (that's me).

I mention all this because, if you're like me, you may feel a little uneasy buying expensive stuff over the Net. I don't blame you. I've suffered my share of nail-biting, please-make-it-here on-time purchases only to receive a misrepresented, modified or abused piece of equipment. You will not have that with us. Echo Audio gets some of the best, ahem, "pre-owned" high-end audio equipment you can find anywhere. And we check it out to make sure it actually works before we sell it to you. (Don't laugh. Others don't necessarily do that.)

You might be amazed to see what we have on offer in the course of a year: Mark Levinson, B&W, Audio Research, Classé, Nagra, Wilson, really, just about any big-name, high-end amplifier, preamp, speaker, tuner and every other gizmo in high-end audio paradise. Whether creating a $500 system or a $50,000 system, you'll find exactly what you're looking for -- backed by outstanding service and a 90 day guarantee. (And our selection of cables is pretty impressive too.) New stuff comes in and goes out the door daily, so what you see today may very well disappear tomorrow.

The proof of our effort is the loyalty of our clients. Most of our business is now from repeat customers: they liked the prices, the service, the reliability, the sheer reality of Echo Audio. So they come back, either via the Web or through the door. You'd be amazed, by the way, how far-flung they are, too. We ship worldwide. We know how to pack it right and get it to you as cheaply (but reliably) as anyone in the business.

So that's the story. Give us a call (888-248-ECHO). Give us a try. And did I mention that there's no sales tax in Oregon?

P.S. We're very pleased to be authorized dealers for Pathos, Auralic, Manley, AudezeMusic Hall, Grado, Sennheiser, Audience, Marantz, Dh LabsLAT, MarshallParasound, Symbol AudioREL, Sumiko, Creek, Vanatoo & Sonos .

Who we are:

Kurt Doslu, Owner--Echo Audio is a personal place and I'm (mostly) the person. What we sell and how we do business is a direct reflection of my lifelong interest in audio. I love the stuff. I believe in high-end. But--if you'll allow me to say so--I'm not nutty about it. I try never to lose sight of the fact that really fine audio is not about equipment, even though that's my business and passion, but about music. I try to see and hear and sell high-end audio with that perspective. Because it's music that really matters, along with integrity.

Like everyone else, I like to think I've got a pretty good pair of ears. I'm a contributing writer to Tone magazine . And I've gotten a little press attention myself, where I'm flatteringly described (I think) as "hearing things that most dogs don't" (Cigar Aficionado).

Matt Kline,  Store Manager 

Matt is the backbone of Echo Audio.  When you're appreciating the great photos on the website or thanking your lucky stars that an item was packed well enough to endure a tornado,  thank Matt.   Severely humble; you'll have to dig Portland's underground music scene to watch him perform.  

Chris Miles, Lead Installer

By far, Chris is the most professional of us all.  He's dragged us (kicking and screaming) into the 22nd century with a knowledge of  whole home audio and automation backed by Cedia certification and hi-fi experience.  With 11 years of Audio/Video installation (that's about 7,000 TVs), he's the only installer we'd trust to design the perfect home theater or retrofit a home for good sound.  With Echo's inventory, 70 new brands at his disposal, networking capabilities, and the patience of Job,  we're sure you'll appreciate his opinion on your home audio system.

Your professional attitude and casual sales approach was exactly what we look for, and we both were pleased with ourselves at the ease with which we were able to get what we wanted, a testament to your skill and knowledge.
- Donny Wright, Super Digital

Thanks. Many thanks. It's not just that in three years of buying, selling and trading with you I have a stunning system that under normal circumstances would have cost me three or four times what it did. It's the way it was put together. Clearly you have a passion for what you do and the knowledge to back that passion. Most importantly you use that knowledge in your customers' best interest. That's often claimed, rarely practiced. You counseled patience, and I give you complete credit for what I'm listening to now.
- Jeff Kempe, Portland, Oregon