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Meridian DSP5000 home theater system

Meridian DSP5000 home theater system

Ever thought "I need to buy a $20k hi-fi project without any help from the place I buy it?" Well, then grab your car keys and drive here immediately. The story: Kurt listened to this entire home theater and foolishly bought it without the Meridian G91 pre/controller. Everything works perfectly and sounds great but the center channel has a wonky display. The 4 main speakers & center accept digital inputs or Meridian's Comms/ DIN input. The powered sub accepts analog inputs. What you get: 2pr x DSP5000 speakers ($6950pr), 1 x DSP5000C center ($3250) + 1 x M1500 sub ($1750) + a bunch of cutoff Comms cables, manuals & a cool Meridian remote with a broken battery hatch. What you don't get: any help from us or return privileges. Obviously, local pick-up only.
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$18,500 $1,275


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